Portman Square Capital

Harnessing Reliability

Portman Square Capital is a London based alternative investment management firm specialising in volatility trading across multiple asset classes

About Portman Square Capital

Founded in 2012, Portman Square Capital is a leading global investment manager of volatility solutions. Our team have worked together in some of the world's leading proprietary trading groups and are experts in building strategies that combine long volatility with funding strategies.

The Portman Square Philosophy

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We specialise in serving a select group of some of the largest Institutional Investors, including Corporate and Public Pension Funds, Endowments, Global Asset Managers and Family Offices, with a range of specialised multi-asset volatility funds, co-investment opportunities and customised solutions.

Our Approach

We operate in a well-defined niche space with a high barrier to entry and our risk framework, systems, culture and control do not allow for style drift or unlimited risk taking.

Our approach has three integrated precepts: advanced research & screening, bottom-up portfolio construction and integrated risk management.

Research and Screening
Bottom-up Portfolio Construction
Integrated Risk Management

The Team

30+ professionals
Core team shared history
Combined 190+ years of experience in volatility trading
The CEO of Portman Square Capital, Sutesh Sharma

Sharing Our Insights

We build deep longstanding relationships with our clients, and serve not only to play a meaningful role in the performance of their portfolios but to add value through sharing insight and information on the markets we operate in.


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